Nexus 2016 to be manufactured by Huawei – Upcoming Launch Pad for Android Nougat

Nexus 2016

Latest rumors suggest that the next Nexus 2016 from Google is to be manufactured by Huawei, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer.

Better Experience

Rumors have it that Google will offer two Nexus phones this year. Both the devices will come with a better user experience and will be run on a brand new OS, with improved hardware specifications.

The first two Nexus phones were manufactured by HTC, a Taiwan based smartphone developer. Some rumors also claimed that he upcoming Nexus phones will also be manufactured by HTC and will come with the latest Android OS. There are two variants of phones supposed to be coming this year from HTC. However, according to ZDNet, Huawei will be entrusted with the job of developing and producing the two Nexus phones with the Android N (Nougat) OS and not HTC.

Rumors Pointing to Huawei

Another website that specializes in smartphone technologies, also claims that the some of the Huawei phones have the code H1621 and H1622. There are similarities in the code numbers, suggesting that they are for the two Nexus variants. This is because the Huawei Nexus 6P had two variants with the numbers being H1511 and H1512.

Leaked Photographs

The leaked photographs of the device shows some similarities as well as differences, when compared to the models of the current Nexus phones. As far as the similarities are concerned, the leaked photo device has a similar fingerprint scanner on the rear, when compared to the earlier Nexus 6P. However, there are some differences, namely the device shown does not have the iconic Nexus brand shown on the rear of the phone.

Nexus 2016 Android Nougat

Marlin and Sailfish

The two upcoming Nexus phones have been codenamed as Marlin and Sailfish. They are expected to have better software and will be faster, when compared to Android flagship devices of this year. The internal configuration of the two phones will also be identical, according to rumors. In this way, even the smaller device will offer a similar performance. Some designers in Techconfigurations have produced a conceptual video of the two variants, based on the rumors and speculations. According to their design, the new phones will come in a slim and metallic design.

Android Nougat Release

Android Nougat, the latest Android OS, will first come with the Nexus 2016 phones. The two devices will be the launch phones for the new Android N 7.0. Google normally offers a new Nexus phone each year (with two phones in 2015) and the company uses these phones for launching its yearly Android updated software. In case of the two Nexus 2016 devices, they will see the launch of the new software Android Nougat. Usually, the new OS is announced during the Google I/O with a developer preview and the OS is released with the Nexus phones in October.

However, this year, the Developer preview for Android N was released a little earlier, before the I/O in the middle of June. There will be another Developer Preview and the software will then be ready for its final release. It is, therefore, likely that we might witness an early release of Android N this year, maybe around September or even late August.

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  1. Hopefully huawei does the phablet, and htc does the small phone, another 6P with a bit more Polish and horsepower should be a good device. .

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