Android N Lets You Control Devices Through Your Voice

Android N

Android N is the upcoming mobile operating system which has been in the developing stages for a while.

Last month, the first Android N Developer Preview was released which showcased some terrific features that gained mixed reviews from the public.

Recently, Google released the second Developer Preview featuring some modifications to the previous one along with newer additions. Some of its features include,

  • Launcher Shortcuts – Lets users perform tasks such as sending texts, playing videos, etc.
  • Emoji Unicode 9 Support – People can get rid of old human faced emojis with newer ones such as bacon, selfie, etc.
  • Emergency Info– Users can save some important information such as blood group, name, age, phone number, allergies, etc.
  • Google Now Launcher – One can keep two different wallpapers (home screen and lock screen), add widgets just by a pinch on the home screen.
  • Switching Apps – One can visit the previously used app by just double tapping on the multitasking button.
  • Text-to-Speech Pitch Control: This enables users to control the apps through their voice.

Some of these features were there in the Developer Preview 1 but have undergone slight modifications in the latest version.

Android N Features

According to Phandroid, one of the features that got much attention in the Developer Preview 2 is the 3D Touch Feature. This is similar to the version already available on the iOS. Using this, one can perform tasks quicker, with specific intents within the app. It seems that Google will most likely use the Force Touch Gesture as the default.

Another feature is the Text- to-Speech control, that lets users control Android devices just by speaking. There is a Voice Access App that has been specifically designed for physically disabled people.

People who are paralyzed or subjected to frequent tremors find it difficult to access their devices by touching. Therefore, this app comes in favor of these special people by letting them use their devices just by speaking. They can say “go to home” or “open chrome” for easy navigation.

Using the app settings, one can also change the pitch of their voice. The speech rate may be altered to very high levels, normal, rapid and even kept at low levels depending on the user’s choice. Both the pitch sliders and speech rate can be modified for any language and dialect.

The Developer Preview 2 has received good support from the techies, as the company is keeping on making it better for the users. Many hope that this will be the best Android release this year.

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