Android N Updates: What to Expect from Google

Android N developer preview

Android N is the definite name of the next Google OS, the successor to the current Android Marshmallow.

While we are sure of the acronym, the full name it will stand for is not yet clear. The seventh major release is expected to bring along with it quite a number of new capabilities to Android devices. The major point of contention here is what exactly will this new Android N bring to the fold?

To be honest, not much is known about this OS just yet. However, as usual, leaks are already out.

Android N name

As mentioned earlier, we are positive that Google will keep following its alphabetical naming style of its operating systems. With Android N the expected name, there is no word of what this N will stand for. Android L stood for Lollipop while Android M stood for Marshmallow. So, what about Android N?

Suggestions are rife that Google will settle for Android Nougat, but given the choice in the naming of Android KitKat, don’t be surprised to see the next version of Android come by the name Nutella. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of other possibilities for Google to choose from.

Android N release date

Just like last year’s version, Android N is expected to be announced during this year’s Google I/O. This event is scheduled for May 18 and it is this day the company will also unveil a developer preview version. The public release will have to wait until somewhere in October, just like Marshmallow did.

Apple is expected to release iOS 10 somewhere around September, the same time it will release iPhone 7. Google wants its new OS to be ready at about the same time in order to keep up with the pace in the mobile world. With the holiday season closing in, this period represents the best time for companies to unveil new products with new features.

Android N

One thing to be sure of is a new Nexus smartphone. Google has been doing this before and we expect the company to repeat the same with the release of Android N. Flagships from other companies including Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC and more will begin receiving this update somewhere towards Christmas and early next year.

Android N features

Now that we have an idea of when the new Android N will be here and the kind of names to expect for the OS, what remains unknown are the features of the OS. Nonetheless, one expected feature is enhanced split-screen multitasking – a feature that Glen Murphy, Android and Chrome UX director, confirmed in a Reddit AMA.

Other than this, there is nothing really much to be said about the upcoming Android N’s features. We will, however, keep tabs on the developments and bring them to you as they unfold.

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