Hulu Streaming App is Now Available on Windows 10

Hulu for Windows 10

Hulu streaming service has finally made it to Windows 10. The service is currently available on other platforms such as gaming consoles, TV-connected devices, mobile devices and desktops as well, but until now, there was no room for the new Microsoft OS.

The newly announced application will come with features specific to Windows 10, for instance, Live Tiles and Cortana. These are much-needed updates to the older Hulu app that was available for Windows 8.

Through the Start Menu of Windows 10, you will get new support for Live Tiles that gives you a preview of what you are going into. While there is no doubt the new update brings a new experience to users of this streaming service, the SVP of User Experience at Hulu, Ben Smith, says that more is coming in the near future. The aim of the service’s future updates, according to Smith, is to offer end users with an even more personalized experience.

Despite this, the new Windows 10 app comes with a different look from what the older version offered. The new UI is completely in-line with its appearance on other platforms to ensure consistency across all devices.

Another great addition that the new Hulu app comes with to Windows 10 is an inbuilt voice search feature that should be popular now – Cortana. Just like with the case of other integrations with this digital assistant, for instance, Uber or Netflix, enabling this service requires that you speak the words “Hey Cortana” and it will be ready for action.

Hulu for Windows 10

Unlike working with digital assistants such as Siri on the Apple TV, where you only speak out the instructions to the device, Hulu’s Cortana requires to be summoned first, then instruct her on her next step – the app to launch. At the moment, the digital assistant has only a few offerings for Hulu users. For instance, it can be used to search for episodes or shows, play shows, resume playback, among others.

One thing that is worth noting is that this is not the first version of Hulu streaming service app that comes with voice integration. It already happens with Apple TV and now that it is available on Windows 10, it seems the company has seen potential growth in this market. However, Smith is playing down this notion, claiming that it is still too early to start jumping to conclusions.

“For us, it’s a long term play and not about success in the short term,” he said. “It’s all about understanding what will be successful in the eyes of the end user.”

Since the new Hulu for Windows 10 is a Universal app, it will work on any device supported, among them PCs, tablets as well as phones. You can get the app right now from the Windows Store, with new users supplied with a free trial version.

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