Android Nougat Begins to Roll Out – All You Need to Know

Android Nougat

 Android N has finally started rolling out to some Nexus devices with its final build, offering the latest version of Google’s OS to them.

Improved Interface

The new OS, Android Nougat, brings in many new features to the software, with tweaks made to its user interface. These tweaks will affect the way users interact with their phones, with many enhancements below the hood. The battery life of the devices will also see improvement and so will the performance. The official blog of the software reports that there are totally 250 significant new features brought in by Android 7.0 or Android Nougat.

Support for Multi Window

This new feature allows users to run two applications one beside the other. The windows can also be resized by dragging upon the divider. Many other devices already offer this feature and with most phones nowadays being more than 6 inches in screen size, this is a good way of using a larger screen size.

Overhaul to Notifications

The notifications in the OS also get an overhaul with the new Android N. There is a fresh template making notifications more noticeable, offering customized views with direct reply feature. Users can answer text or chat messages directly from their notification window.

Android Nougat Begins to Roll Out - All You Need to Know

Quicker Access to Settings

Users can access the flashlight, Bluetooth or Wi with one swipe. All major shortcuts now appear in notification shades, though users can make changes to the order in which the icons appear. Various other OEMs have implemented such changes previously but the results were not always positive. With Android N, this behavior becomes the default one for Android, ensuring that all users of Android can experience a uniform set of features.

Support for Multiple Locales

Users can now select several locales in the settings and applications will be able to use this location to tailor the content. Multilingual users will find this feature useful, as the search engine result can be tailored for showing results in a particular language selected by the user.

Improved Battery Life

A feature called Doze was released in the previous version of Android. With this feature the device is able to preserve its battery better when the phone is idle or not being used. The Doze feature has been enhanced in Android N and can be activated when the user is on the move.

Fast and Secure

The new software version offers a Direct Boot feature and in this mode, the phone will run in a secure way if it is powered but still locked. However, in this mode, the applications will not run but they can be set to run their components, such as an alert or an alarm clock or an important notification. These alerts run in encryption modes. The result is that the phone starts up more quickly and remains secure while rebooting.

Security updates also include encryption that is file based, updates that are seamless and this will result in quicker updates running in the phone background.

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