T-Mobile’s New Data Plan Could be in Violation of Net Neutrality


The latest ‘unlimited’ data plan from T-Mobile may just have got them into trouble with regard to net neutrality rules in the United States.

A recently released video with the company CEO, John Leger, being his charismatic self, had him tell subscribers about the new data plan. He promises to get rid of data caps on the network which would mean you only need to pay a single price in order to stream as much video, visit your favorite websites, listen to as much music, etc. as you want.

But what the video doesn’t say is that this promise does not cover plans all across the entire T-Mobile network. According to a report by the Daily Dot, you need to subscribe to costly data packages if you are looking to watch videos in HD. This sounds exactly like a limit wouldn’t you say? The website even says that T-Mobile is going to throttle speeds for users who are consuming more than 26 GB per month. They do add that it will only be at specific places and times, but that doesn’t make it much better now, does it?

If you’re thinking this doesn’t sound too fair, you’re on the right track.

Net Neutrality

It seems the United States started implementing net neutrality laws in 2015 saying that companies couldn’t limit the access of users depending on their usage or force them to pay more in order to remove the limits. If you look at T-Mobile from this point of view, it looks like they are in the wrong for sure.

This isn’t the first time that T-Mobile has got into trouble over a promise for ‘unlimited’ internet either as just a few years ago Advertising Standards Agency called them out for making false claims.

The company has also been questioned earlier in 2016 about bandwidth limits and the response from John Leger to this line of questioning wasn’t the most inspiring. Which service provider do you use currently? Would you consider switching to T-Mobile?

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