Android Nougat Imminent for Galaxy S7 – Spotted on the GFX Bench and Pointing to an EarlyRelease of the OS for S7Devices

Android Nougat

According to latest rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is soon receiving the latest Android Nougat update.

Growing Expectations

The Galaxy S7 was released in March this year, but it is still running on the older Android version, 6.0 Marshmallow. It is yet to receive the Nougat update. Google released nougat in August this year and there is a lot of expectation among users of the S7 regarding this operating system.

Galaxy S7

There were rumors suggesting that Samsung has been testing Grace UX and Nougat on its devices, the S7 and the curved edge variant. Both these devices have been seen on Geekbench. The GFXBenchhas shown some sights of the S7 running on Android Nougat. This means that the new OS will soon be rollout out fo owners of the S7 device.

Reports from SamMobile

However, there are some reports from SamMobile suggesting that the Nougat update will first come for the international models that are being used by consumers in Europe. This seems to be an accurate news report, as it is a pattern that the company has been following in the past few years. The first roll out of any firmware update was first offered to countries in Europe and only later to those in the United States.

There were some reports that Samsung has been testing the Nougat version on its devices in Poland. But after the testing report, the company has not rolled out any update so far.


Samsung is probably using this period to make sure that the Nougat is running properly on its new S7. However, as the phone running on Nougat has been spotted on the GFXBench, it seems that the process is nearing an end and the update might soon be offered to devices.

Android Nougat for Devices

After the Nougat OS update was released in August this year, it was initially available for the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 9 as well as the Nexus 6P. Now, the Google has launched its new lineup of phones with the Pixel and the Pixel XL. Both these phones come with Nougat right out of the box. The phones were officially released on the 4th of October. These devices have an edge as far as softwareis concerned, especially when you compare the Google devices with others in the market, such as the S7. This means that Samsung will also see to it that the new version is available for its flagship devices, and surely the S7, as soon as possible. Otherwise, the S7 might fall back in the race with the Google phones.

 Android Nougat for Galaxy S7

Phased Roll Out

It is the usual practice to roll out a new and major update in phases. This is especially true for companies like Samsung, as they have to layer the ne software with their proprietary skin on the pure Android. Due to this, there are some delays and the owners of the S7 are hoping that the process is done more speedily this year with the Nougat update.

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