Google’s Pixel Phones – The Grown Up Phone by Google Competing with High End PhonesMarks a StrategicShift by theSearch Giant

Google Pixel Phones


Google’s new phone goes by the name of Pixel and is no longer a continuation of Nexus.

The new Pixel phones were finally unveiled officially at an event held in San Francisco on the 4th of October.

Google Pixel Phones

Strategic Shift

Google’s Pixel phones is considered a grown up one, which is aimed at competing with other high–end phones of the world, such as Samsung phones and Apple phones. This seems to be a strategic shift by the company, as all these years Google has been offering phones only through the Nexus brand.  In case of its Nexus phones, the hardware designing was farmed out to manufacturer, such as LG and Asus as well as Huawei. The name of these third party manufacturers was also seen along with Google in the Nexus series of phones.

Offering a Premium Smartphone

Techies have been wondering about the time when Google would actually come up with a premium phone to compete with other top brand offerings in the smartphone world.  It seems that Google had bought a small software startup company in the year 2005, namely Android. This resulted in pitting the company against the iOS software produced by Apple. In fact Steve Jobs had declared that he was ready to spend any amount of the company money in order to destroy Android.

Apple’s Worthy Competitor

The iPhone had met a worthy competitor in Google’s Android. However, the Google phone has taken all this time in making its foray in the smartphone world.  Now, it is the iPhone vs. the Pixel phones. This is certainly not going to be an epic war though.

Why Pixel?

According to Google, Pixel is the best name and most suitable for its new phone. The Pixel phones represent quality hardware as well as software. It has also been designed as well as built by the company, according to the hardware chief, Rick Osterloh. Pixel is not a brand new name, as the company already has a Pixel Chromebook, designed by Google.

However, the Pixel name is not so well known. The name Google only means  a search term for most people, so the nae does not immediately strikes one as a high end smartphone. It is also not necessary to call it a Google phone, as the G is very much present on the rear of the phone and is also printed in small letters.

Competing with Heavyweights

Google’s Pixel is aimed at competing with other heavyweights in the market, mainly the iPhone. It is being offered at a basic price of $650 and is exclusive to Verizon.

Google Pixel

History of Nexus Phones

The first of the Nexus series was released in 2010 and it was known as the Nexus One. It was created by HTC and the brand was later launched as a tab in the form of Nexus 9. HTC is again manufacturing the Pixel and Pixel XL, but now things are different. Google is more in control of the product and has put an end to the Nexus line. The Nexus phones released this year go by the new name of Pixel and they are completely controlled by Google.

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