Android Nougat is Not Responsible for the Bootloop Issue on Google Nexus 5X

Android 7.0 Nougat on Nexus 5X

The Google Nexus 5X was among the first handsets to start receiving Android Nougat OS OTA. The update started showing up on devices that were in the beta program a month ago, but the OTA update followed up a few days later.

Most of the issues that have been coming forward have come from Google Nexus 6P owners, however, nothing has been said about the Nexus 5X. In a surprising turn of events, the Google Nexus 5X seems to be the latest victim when it comes to Android Nougat issues.

Apparently, there are reports coming in from owners of the phone with claims that the phone frequently reboots following the Nougat update. Dubbed the bootloop issue, this problem has only begun showing up with the new Android Nougat update.

According to one user who has been facing the problem on the Google Nexus 5X, wiping the cache partition or factory resetting could take care of the problem. But who wants to do a factory reset and lose all their data?

In response to this bootloop issue, one Google employee by the name Orrin has moved in to clarify the matter – that the Nexus 5X issue has nothing to do with Android Nougat, instead, it has everything to do with the hardware. In this regard, the issue can only be taken care of by the manufacturer or handled by the retailer through warranties and repair services. In short, not you nor a software update from Google can take care of the bootloop issue on your Google Nexus 5X.

Nexus 5X

Google has some advice on what to do with the faulty Nexus 5X, nonetheless, this shouldn’t stop you from seeking for the OTA update. The Google employee clearly notes that the number of handsets reported with the case remains insignificant, hence, it should mean that the majority are okay with the Nougat update.

Alternatively, you can still wait for Google and LG to come in with their official statement regarding the issue and after that, you can proceed with updating your Nexus 5X to the latest Android Nougat OS without any worries.

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