Android O Developer Preview Launched by Google for Developers

Google Android O

Google has just launched its first developer preview of Android O, its upcoming operating system.

The tech giant has made it clear that it is not yet ready for consumers or end users. The new version is available for installation only on specific Android smartphones comprising Google Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel C, Pixel XL and Pixel. Along with the developer preview images, the manufacturer has also made available some release notes that gives an insight into some noteworthy information about new version of the Android operating system. Google has also emphasized on the fact that since the OS is still in the development stages, the functioning of some apps could be at stake and there are chances of battery life being regressed for the time being till a stable version is in place.

Android O

One new feature that Google is working on through its Android O is notification channels. Termed as app-defined categories for notification content, this functionality will make it easier for developers to take control of notifications. This will help in either blocking all notifications from a channel or customize the way a notification is made. Apart from adding new visuals, grouping function has also been added to display similar notifications in a single group in order to avoid clutters and for easy handling.

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Another highlight is that Google’s Android O will now come with a new set of APIs that have the autofill capability. This will allow apps to secure date from users and store the details based on their request. This saves a lot of time spent in having to type out the required information each time and the hassle of making an incorrect entry accidentally, especially when you are in a hurry. Handsets with this Android version installed will support a new interesting concept called picture-in-picture display. This will help users work on more than one app at a time and get tasks work done faster.

Google Android O

Google will also offer support multi-display support and app overlay window. Both of them will play a key role in getting an activity started on your smartphone using a remote display. One more appealing change that is being worked on in Android O is adaptive icons. This plays a small but crucial role in customizing smartphones based on individual preferences. Individuals will be able to change the shape of each icon on their handsets according to their choice.

While the currently released version of Android O is solely for developers, the stable users’ version is not far away. This announcement is expected to happen in the course of this year. However, it must be noted that there will be quite a few developer releases happening before this eventually takes place.

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