Android Pay Support for More Countries: Canada and Russia to Receive Easy, Secure Payment Option

Android Pay will now offer support for a few more countries, including Russia and Canada.

Though Android Pay has been around for about two years, it offers support only for 8 other countries, apart from the US, which is not much. It is likely that Android Pay will now offer support to a few more countries. There has been no confirmation regarding the launch of Android Pay for Canada or for Russia, but it seems imminent on the basis of some recent events.


Ease of Payment

Smartphone users all over the world are using their phones for making payments for almost everything and now this option will be available for more countries, like Russia and Canada.  They can now add their credit cards, debit cards as well as loyalty cards and gift cards to Android Pay and shop through stores, through apps and online shopping websites. They need not even open the application, as they have to just ensure that the phone is unlocked and then hold it at the terminal. The app can be used in millions of stores all over the world, wherever the stores accept a contact less payment. Users of Android Pay can also redeem loyalty points when they make use of Android Pay.

Secure Option

It is easier to use Android Pay, as the user does not need to enter details of his card every time a payment is to be made. This saves a lot of time. It is also safer to use Android Pay, as the app does not send the actual number on the credit card or the debit card for the payment. Instead, the app makes use of virtual account numbers for representing the account information, so the card details continue to remain secure.

Android Pay in Canada

There are plenty of users in Canada who are demanding the availability of Android Pay on their phones. Their wishes could very well come true, with four readers from Canada having seen the Android Pay on their devices even without installing the same. One of the users could even add the TD, Canada Visa card to Android Pay, which was earlier saved in his Google accounts. However, the other three could not do the same.


Launch in Russia

 Interfax is a news outlet of Russia, which got information from sources connected with Google as well as two bankers, that Android Pay will be available for users in Russia from the 16th of May this year. Moreover, a reader from Russia has informed androidpolice that he is able to download the app, Android Pay, from the Google PlayStore on his Android device. Some of the banks that have been leaked to support Android Pay at launch are the Tinkoff Bank, the Raiffaisenbank, the Sberbank and the Alfa Bank. The Russian reader observed that though his bank was one among the above list, he was not able to add either the Mastercard or the Visa card to the app.

Interfax usually offers credible sources, so it is very probable that the date of release for Android Pay in Russia is 16th of May. Canada also will not lag behind for long.