Sony Hosts Huge Sci-fi Flash Sale on PS4 and PS Vita Consoles


A huge sci-fi flash sale is now live on the official Playstation blog.

Sony has hosted the sale which discounts close to 75% on select titles and for gamers who had plans to expand their library, there isn’t a better time than this one.

The list is simply amazing because almost all the fan favorite titles are based on science fiction. The Playstation 4 console has the longest list of games available at discounted prices. You are probably already a PS Plus member which should get you additional discounts but the base price has been heavily discounted making it easy to purchase any title that you might want.


Doom digital deluxe edition is a blind pick because it’s one of the best sci-fi shooters you could get your hands on. The game sells for $19.79 on the PS4 console and it costs $60. This is easily one deal you can never miss. Infamous First Light is now available for $5.99, a pretty cheap affair and the amazing twin stick shooter CrimsonLand on the PS4 console is just $1.49.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is $9.99. The game offers a virtual reality like experience where you can jump and tread through huge buildings with your parkour skills. Shadow Complex Remastered costs $5.99, Red Faction is $4.49 and the much criticized No Man’s Sky sells for $23.99. XCOM series is easily a sci-fi gamer’s best pick and the Xcom 2 costs $23.99 while the XCOM 2 Digital Deluxe Edition costs $29.99 with additional maps, season pass and other content to explore.

Deux EX Human Revolution Director’s Cut is a title that explores the world in a story based single player campaign and costs $7.49. A series of Red Faction games are also available on the PS4 console. The PS Vita handheld gets a massive collection of sci-fi titles including Crimsonland for $1.39, Nova 111 for $1.99, Stardrone Extreme for $1.19, and Sky Force Anniversary Edition for $3.49.


If you love Pinball games, the PS Vita got you covered with Zen Pinball 2 Mars board for $0.62, Aliens vs Pinball for $3.99 and there is Velocity Ultra for a cheap $1.49. PS Vita games are too cheap and it should be easy to own them all as they all cost below $5 and you could expand your collection further by using this amazing deal.

A couple of movies are also discounted on the Playstation store. Make your weekend amazing with this sci-fi sale and start shooting right away.