Android Hits Record Market Share of 88% in Smartphones – Android is raisingits Stakes

Android Record Market Share

Android is upping the stakes by hitting a record market share of 88% among all smartphones.

Increasing its Stakes

Android has always dominated the smartphone market, with more than 328 million of Android devices being shipped all over the world. However, Strategy Analytics states that Android has now captured a record breaking 88% of the smartphone global market during the 3rd quarter of this year. On the other hand, the iOS share of the smartphone market has dipped to 12.1% during this period, whereas it was 13.6% in the previous year.

Android Record Market Share

Successful Approach

Android OS success is largely due to the benefits accruing from its approach. The iOS operating system is available only on Apple phones and devices. However, Android has hordes of partners, who release several smartphones each year. In the third quarter, for instance, Apple released only one phone, the new iPhone 7, whereas there were several new phones from Samsung, Oppo and other Android phone manufacturers.

Price Options

As far as price is concerned, there are several low-end devices as well as mid range devices offered in case of Android phones. This cannot be said for iOS devices, as Apple phones are pricey. There are many markets in the world that are very price- sensitive. In these markets, 97% of the smartphone users own Android phones and not iOS ones. This is true for countries such as India and also in Middle East and African countries.

Stealing the Market

Android Stealing Market

Android appears to be slowly stealing Apple’s market share as well. Though Apple’s market share is less than that of Android, Apple still holds sway over more than sixty percent of the smartphone profits from all over the world. Android’s growth seems to have risen also because of the decline of the competition. For instance, Windows phone sales came down by 46% in the first quarter of this year, whereas Blackberry ahs totally stopped production of devices due to heavy losses for three consecutive years.

Users of Other Platforms

The previous users of other platforms, other than Android and the iOS, such as Blackberry or Windows, are moving towards Android rather than the iOS. According to Neil Mawston, the ED of WDS or Wireless Device Strategies in Strategy Analytics, Android did not even have a 5% share of the smartphone world market during 2010, but it has been growing at an amazing pace.

Hurdles in the Path

However, there are some hurdles in the path of Android too. For instance, there are some international markets that are regulated and restrict its functions. For instance, Google Maps and Gmail, among some other services, are banned in China or restricted. In addition, the users also prefer the local brands in China.

Note 7 Failure

Note 7 Failure

Samsung’s Note 7 combustion problem and the failure of the phone could turn Android towards other manufacturers, such as Huawei, Weibo and Oppo or Siaomi among others, in order to boost its share further.

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