Tesla Model 3 Will be the First Car to Use Solar Glass Roof

2017 Tesla Model 3

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla announced his plans to create solar glass roofs instead of the conventional solar panels that most manufacturers try to accomplish.

The sturdy glass roofs will not only used in homes but will be integrated for the first time in Tesla Model 3 cars slated for launch in 2018.

2017 Tesla Model 3

A brand new glass technology company branched out, named Eletrek and Musk announced the new brand’s objectives during an investor’s call. During the meet, he clarified that the solar roofs they plan to produce are highly futuristic with automated applications and are highly reliable when compared to conventional roof tiles. The idea is to use these roofs as part of construction and generate power all day long. Solar power is easily one of the most renewable energy resources on the planet but no big company has actually tapped fully into the market.

Eletrek will manufacture ultra-strong glass technology and it looks like they are so sturdy that it could actually be used in cars. Model 3 will make use of it to only be able to generate solar power on the go to recharge its battery but will also contribute to its style factor. The sturdy glass will throughout the model right from the rear window to the windshield, a full house seamless design that should look amazingly good according to what the manufacturer has promised on paper.

Model S and Model X SUV already make use of full glass panoramic roofs. While the sedan has an airy roof design, the upgrade for the SUV is on the way. Musk has a lot of good things to say about the vehicle and the integration of such large glass. And, when they say sturdy we can be sure that they really mean it because Model 3 or any other car is supposed to pass a crash test before it finds its way to dealership stores.

2017 Tesla Model 3 interior

Explaining some of the highlights using such panels in cars, Musk added that they can be used to implement heating elements in the car to defrost, clear roof snow and charge the vehicle on the go. After implement powerful electric batteries and getting gasoline engines off these vehicles, the next big step for Tesla is to make them run as far as possible before having to recharge. If successfully done, the new solar roof could change people’s perspective about electric cars as they could lead to a mile range never heard of in any vehicle before, especially if one likes to make travel plans when the sun is high.

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