Another Public Beta Release for the iOS 10 and the MacOS Sierra – All That You Need to Know

iOS 10

Apple has released another (the second) public beta version of its iOS 10 along with MacOS Sierra.

Earlier in the week, the company had released the third beta version for developers for both these platforms. The Cupertino based company had released the first public beta version of the iOS 10 two weeks earlier. The second beta is available as an over the air installation, which means that the user can update to the new OS by accessing it through Settings and moving to Software Update.

Upcoming Platform

The second public beta version comes with several new features and anyone who has signed up for the Public Beta version program can avail the same. Apple allows these users to test the new platform, which will later on be offered to everyone through a full-fledged release.

Features of the Beta Version

The new beta version for the iOS 10 is similar to the third beta version for developers. The second beta version comes with many features already rolled out for developers in the early part of this week. There are some additional bug fixes and some enhancement to the performance as well. After the company had released the 3rd developer beta version for the iOS, it took into consideration the customer feedback.

MacOS Sierra

Unlocking Feature

One such feedback was connected with the user being asked to use the home button for unlocking the device by pressing on it and not just resting their finger on it, as was done previously. This feature was initially introduced so that the user could take advantage of the changes effected in the lock screen. However, there is now an option for unlocking the phone by merely placing the finger on the phone home button, and not pressing it. This is an option present in the Accessibility tab. With the new update, Settings now also contains the Siri Support, which allows users to view third party applications having accessibility to Siri.

Minor Tweaks

The second beta for the iOS 10 also brings with it some small tweaks and fixes for bugs, for iOS devices supported by the system. The second macOS Sierra update with the public beta version does not offer any big change but makes some minor fixes for bugs.

2nd Public Beta for the MacOS Sierra

This beta version is also being released two weeks following the first public beta release and some days after the 3rd developer beta version was released. This release will also come with features that are the same in the 3rd developer version. Users who have already installed first public beta version have to head to the Mac Application Store and access the Software Update in order to get the new update.

Release Date

The iOS 10 and the macOS Sierra were both announced at the WWDC of 2016. They will be officially released during the fall this year. The update for the new iOS contains a thorough revamping of some apps, such as the iMessages, the Apple Music and the Photos. There are also several other tweaks done to features that were present earlier on this platform.

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