Not Two Models, But Three Models of the iPhone 7 – A Medley of News and Rumors

iPhone 7

After a lot of rumors regarding the iPhone 7 models, there is finally some solid proof from a reliable source claiming that there will be three models of the upcoming iPhone 7.

Apple is probably attempting to find some balance between its strong design philosophies on the one hand, and the broad Android user on the other hand.

Third iPhone 7 Model

Earlier, there were rumors stating that there will be an iPhone 7 and another iPhone 7 Plus, as usual, which will come around September this year. However, there are some images and some news showing another additional model, the iPhone 7 Pro version as well. The new Pro model is expected to come with dual camera setup. To add to the mess of the existing rumors, there is another rleak from, which hints at a third iPhone 7 model.

The Revolutionary Pro Tag

Apple is probably trying to revolutionize its 5.5 inches phone segment with the Pro tag. The Pro version is likely to introduce smart accessories, such as a keyboard cover for instance. The iPhone 7 Pro is likely to be the most powerful of all iPhones released so far. Th eA10X chip will probably be brought into the device. This will also be the chipset to be used in the company’s coming iPad. All the Pro modes of the iPad come with an increase in the RAM. It is to be expected that the Pro model of the iPhone 7 will also come with an increased RAM of 4 GB.

iPhone 7 Models

Awesome Phone

The Pro model of the iPhone 7 will no doubt be an awesome device and one that many fans might have dreamed about. However, the downside is that it will also come with a hefty price tag, like all other Apple devices. Apple has already been successful in making the consumer pay an increased premium amount for the 6 Plus device, with just 1 GB of RAM combined with stutters in performance. You can imagine what kind of premium the company will expect for a RAM of 4 GB. The price will sure be more than that of the iPhone 7 Plus, if at all the Pro version is a reality.

The release of a Pro version is also likely to make the basic model, the iPhone 7 look like an SE model and this seems to be quite unfair to those going in for the basic model.

Power Users Gain

There will be a difference in the prices of the three models and also in the features offered in the standard model, the Plus model and the expected Pro model. These differences might well be worth the price for a power user, but it does not make sense to launch a standard model that is low on features. The Pro features can also be added to the standard iPhone 7 model as well. The difference in prices can be justified by having differences in the battery size or the display.

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