Another Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 (SM-J727VL) Variant Appears at the Wi-Fi Alliance

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It is not the first time that we’ve seen the rumored Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 appearing at the Wi-Fi Alliance, however, it is the first time a variant with model number SM-J727VL is showing up.

A few days ago, a Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 variant with model number SM-J727P and another with model number SM-J727R4 showed up at the same Wi-Fi Alliance. Looking at past numbering for Samsung Galaxy models, it is clear that these two are meant for Sprint and U.S. Cellular carriers. But we now have a new variant of the same phone that carries model number SM-J727VL.

While it is easy to say that this is a Verizon Wireless variant of the Galaxy J7 2017, the fact that the carrier’s variants usually come with an “L” on the end of the devices’ model numbers throws this latest development into further doubt. If anything, the device would have carried model number SM-J727V for it to be certified as a Verizon variant of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2017

Still, we can’t deny that this is indeed a variant of Samsung Galaxy J7 2017, whether it is carried on Verizon Wireless or not. Like the others in previous leaks, the SM-727VL variant will also be powered by Android OS out of the box, but the info doesn’t specify which version like in the case of SM-J727R4 and SM-J727P, where Android 7.0 Nougat will be running the show. Nonetheless, we expect that all variants of this J7 2017 handset will come preinstalled with the latest version of Android OS.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 is expected to be launched at an event the company will hold separately during the upcoming MWC 2017 event. The same tech show will also be used to unveil a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 as well as the next smartphone flagship – Samsung Galaxy S8. However, none of these have been confirmed just yet, but we should be able to know more details as the date of the event draws closer.

2 thoughts on “Another Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 (SM-J727VL) Variant Appears at the Wi-Fi Alliance”

  1. It is late but, this smj727vl is a tracfone or straight talk variant that shipped with android 6.01 unfortunately as I own one and st does not update phones

  2. There is a sm727v on verizon that it on android nougat. For some reason the same phone on straight talk(verizon) is 6.01

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