Apple AirPods Not Just Wireless Headphones – Appreciating the Magic

Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods are not just a pair of wireless headphones, as users need to experience them to appreciate the magic.

Quick Sale

The Apple AirPods began with delayed start and have finally appeared in the Apple stores on the 19th of December. The inventory has been completely sold out at various locations.

Apple AirPods

Seamless Pairing

The new Apple AirPods can be paired very easily and it comes with sensors that are aware of when the user is wearing the device and when he or she has taken them off. However, the magic has to be experienced. The pairing experience is the most seamless one every seen.

Users have to open the earphone case and then press on Connect, which results in an instant pairing with their iOS device, which also includes the iPad and the Apple Watch. Once you put the AirPod in the ear, there is a subtle sound informing you that it is on and can be used.

Pause in Music

One of the most useful features of the new Apple AirPods is that the music pauses automatically when the earphone is out of the ear. As soon as it is put back into the ear, the music resumes automatically as well. The feature can be very useful, especially when someone talks to you and you have to reply. The experience is seamless and it is easy to remove just one of the AirPods out of the ear.

Battery Levels

If you want to see the battery levels of the device, you can open the AirPods case near the iPhone. The screen pops up immediately and you can check out the battery level. However, the case should be close to the iPhone, so if you move it about one foot away from the iPhone, there is no effect. Apple is probably making use of a solution that is related to close proximity of the device.

Absolutely Wireless

For those using Bluetooth headphones, a wireless headphone may not be a new concept. However, Apple AirPods are the first kind of device that is absolutely wireless and not having connection to anything. Even with the sports Bluetooth headphone, you can feel the wire when moving. As for other wireless headphones, such as those passing over th ear, you can feel its band over the head, so they are always there. However, in case of the Apple AirPods, they are very comfortable when placed on the ears and you can just about forget that they are there.

Maximum Comfort

Apple AirPods Wireless Headphones

The same feeling can also be experienced with the Apple Watch and it has been repeated in the Apple AirPods. It makes the user feel that they have disappeared, but it also depends on the shape of your ears. They stay well in the ears and you can use them while doing Yoga or other light exercises. However, it may not be suitable for intense exercise, tennis, running and so on, as they might fall out.

Siri Experience

To top it all, the Siri experience with the Apple AirPods is remarkable. This is due to the microphones being much closer to the mouth, so Siri is able to better understand and respond to you.

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