Minecraft Ender Update – 5 Things that Changes the Game Like Never Before

Minecraft Ender Update

After months of waiting and speculation, Minecraft Ender Update for Windows 10 PCs and Pocket Edition is officially available.

The developers of the game, Mojang has listed its features and here are five that we think will change the game like never before.

Minecraft Ender

The developers in their official blog earlier wrote that they named it as the Minecraft Ender Update as it is a fitting finale for the grand game. The years spent in building the world, its characters and controls have led to a thriving community that keeps pushing it into new heights. The new update allows players to get more creative than they already are.

Increased World Height

The most important of them all, Mojang has now allowed players to create bigger worlds. After all, the best way to enjoy Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is by building amazing, large scale worlds. Players have already recreated Game of Thrones among other fictional and real maps within the pixelated region. The game now supports 256 world height that’s definitely going to change it all.

Poison Arrows and Lingering Potions

As the name suggests, survival mode is demanding. The team has now made it easy to survive longer with these new add-ons. Players can now craft poison tipped arrows, lingering potions that allows them to fight back with vengeance. They simply won’t die and nights may not seem as longer as they used to be.

Exit Portal, End Gateway

Another groundbreaking addition that personifies the grand finale for Minecraft is the addition of an exit portal and end gateway. The game is coming to a grand conclusion and to make it, the development team included these items. They have also confirmed that the world created within will never cease to exist but will rather evolve into something much bigger and better in the following months. Possibly, Minecraft 2.0!

Boss Fight – Ender Dragon

The update’s name easily suggests that there will be the Ender Dragon to pave way for a great boss fight.Defeating the dragon is going to be tough. But, if you could wait for a couple of days, game guides and tips will pop up all over the internet that will make it possible to slay the huge creature without much difficulty.

Minecraft Ender Update

Supports World Templates

With Minecraft Windows 10 edition and Pocket edition, players will now be able to import world templates and build on top of that. It should be fun and is expected to be available on PS4, Xbox One editions as well when the Ender update rolls out on the said platforms.

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