Apple AirPods Release Date Postponed – This will not be Music for Apple Fans – AirPods not yet set for Prime Time

Apple AirPods Release Postponed

The Apple AirPods were supposed to hit the stores this month, but this will probably not happen as the release has been postponed.

The company has decided to delay the launch of the new wireless earbuds that have been especially created for the iPhone. The news of the postponement comes a day prior to the MacBook event to be held in SFO and it was widely conjectured that Apple would announce the launching date of the new earbuds at the event.

Apple AirPods

Release Postponed

Apple has given a confirmation regarding the postponement of the new AirPods. However, though the date has been postponed, Apple has not given any information of the new date of release or the reasons for the delay. Apple had initially announced the new device in the early part of September while announcing the iPhone 7. It had stated that the completely wireless variant of its EarPodswould be available for buying in the late part of October this year.

Not Ready

The response for the new AirPods has been immense, but according to a spokesperson from the company in his statement to TechCrunch, the company does not believe in shipping products when they are not ready. Apple needs some more time for readying the AirPods for customers.

First of its Kind

The new AirPods appear to be the first of their kind, with a W1 chip, offering enhanced wireless connectivity and improved battery life. It will also be possible to pair an iOS device that is nearby automatically with the help of the new AirPods. The new headphones are completely wireless and have inbuilt special sensors for detecting when the user has put them in the ears. A fully charged pair will offer at least five hours playback time  and the case carrying the device will be able to recharge  it about 5 times.

Expected Cost

The new AirPods from Apple will come at a cost of around $159. This will be cheaper when compared to many other completely wireless headphones that are presently available in the market.

Innovative Device

At the event that Apple held for announcing the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus, the new AirPods had taken the spotlight. According to Mike Simon, a contributor to Macworld, it is a highly innovative product announced by the company during this September event. According to Susie Ochs, the executive editor of Macworld, the AirPods are unexpectedly awesome. They remained in the ears in spite of a lot of head banging and offered an amazing sound experience.

Apple AirPods Release Postponed

Overly Ambitious

It might seem that the company has been overly ambitious with regard to the new AirPods and the truly wireless technology and its amazing features. This could be true for the timeline that the company originally announced regarding the release of the AirPods. It is perfectly normal that Apple would like some more time to perfect the new technology and this would pave the road for Apple to become the maker of a truly wireless device.

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