Hike Messenger Is the Next to Join the Bandwagon of Apps with Video Calling Features

Hike Messenger

With the increasing intrusion of the internet and the smartphones in our everyday lives, a large number of people around the world prefer using video calls instead of normal audio calls to communicate with each other.

Almost each and every social networking site and messaging app has proved that they are just adding fuel to this fetish of video calling by introducing and updating these features. After WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, the latest app to join this bandwagon of video calling features in the Hike Messenger. The video calling feature for Hike Messenger has been introduced first only for the Android platform.

Hike Messenger

Video Calling – Obvious Choice

Hike Messenger, which is the first home-grown messaging app from India, has launched its video calling features to its users on Wednesday. Just last month in September 2016, Hike messenger had launched its video calling feature in the beta version only to a few selected people that numbered to less than a hundred thousand users. But now, it has been rolled out to its entire user base, starting first with the Android users.

Official Statements and Press Reports

The Founder and CEO of Hike Messenger reported in a statement that the company saw the Indian audience primarily marketing on the sight and sound features, so the company believes that by introducing the video calling feature, there will be a larger impact of better communication in between people from within Hike. The official also said that introducing the video calling feature was a very obvious choice and that the company is very excited about the quick progress of the feature into the market after it had received a tremendously positive response when it was in its beta testing stages in the past few months. The company also mentioned in a press statement that video calling on Hike has been mainly targeted towards the youth.  The official mentioned that the video calling feature of Hike is very simple and easy to use which works by just a single tap which is integrated into the chat threads of friends and family.

Hike mentioned in a report that the video calling feature has been built to provide a reliable and a high-quality video experience even when the feature is being used under challenging internet network conditions or when there are connectivity issues, that also include a good quality 2G networks.

Hike Messenger Video Calling Features

Live Caller Preview

Apart from introducing video calling, Hike has come up with another interesting feature called the Live Caller Preview. This feature will allow the users to get a live video preview of the caller before they answer an incoming call.

The video calling features for the Hike Messenger will be immediately available on its Android platform to all its users. In case, the users have updated their Hike Messenger in this September, then the video calling feature would have been enabled automatically for them which can be accessed now without having to update any further.

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