Apple Car Could be Here Sooner than Previously Predicted

Apple Car

After hitting some speed bumps earlier on this year, the Apple Car, dubbed Project Titan, seems to be finally on course for an earlier debut than previously expected.

Apple has been secretly working on moving into the automotive industry thanks to a series of hires that could mean the Apple Car is probably already in the prototyping phase. The latest reports coming from Cupertino’s Product Realization Lab reveal that the iPhone maker has been busy in recent times with these hires, something that has prompted pundits to come in with suggestions that the parts of this rumored car have entered the stage where they are to be tested.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple has hired yet another ex-Tesla employee to add to its Apple Car team, growing speculations that the car might be here sooner than predicted. A former chief CNC programmer with respect to Tesla’s R&D hardware prototyping, David Masiukiewicz left his previous post last month and less than a month without a job, he has been scooped up by Apple. He will be linking up with another former Tesla employee that Apple recently hired, Chris Porritt as well as Kevin Harvey, a former CNC machine shop supervisor at Andretti Autosport.  As it seems, Apple’s deal was far much better than what Tesla was offering thanks to Masiukiewicz’s Facebook comments that claimed Apple gave him many exciting reasons to join them.

Apple Car

These hires come in following the high-profile departure of Steve Zadesky earlier in the year, the man who was the head of Project Titan. As it seems, it is Porritt who now heads the Apple Car project and it also seems he had a lot to do with the bringing in of the man who specializes in prototyping powertrains, chassis components, and suspension.

It was previously rumored that the Apple Car will not be here until 2020. However, according to the rate at which Apple has been hiring professionals related to the automotive industry, market analysts are of the view that this auto car will be here a little earlier, probably by 2019.

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