Apple Car May be Released in 2021, Priced at 100x the iPhone 6S

Apple Car

As news of Apple launching a new iPhone SE keep growing, it seems Cupertino is stepping up its plans to join the automotive world.

The latest reports reveal that an Apple Car might be on the road by 2021. If you thought the price of the Apple Watch, which rose to the regions of more than $17,000, was extremely high, there is a bigger surprise for you.

According to popular Apple analyst Gene Munster, who has also been following the company’s progress in the automotive world, the Apple Car will be priced at about $75,000. In case you didn’t notice, this is the price of about 100 iPhone 6S smartphone and probably 4 high-end Apple Watch models.

Munster is adamant that an Apple Car will be available for viewing somewhere between 2019 and 2020, but it may only be possible to start shipping in 2021.

Apple Car manufacturer to be outsourced

Apple already manufacturers a very small portion of the products it sells. Usually, outsourcing does work the trick, except for the iMacs that are produced in the company’s Ireland factory. If this is the case, we might possibly see Apple work in conjunction with a renowned automaker as it works its way into the automotive industry. He believes that Apple might outsource up to 80% of the Apple Car components.

Apple Car

Munster’s words are only but to second what has already been voiced before by Ferrari chair, Sergio Marchionne, Cult of Mac revealed.

One problem that still faces the Apple Car Titan team is that some of its members started departing, including division chief Steve Zadesky, meaning that it has grown smaller. However, the Apple analyst is adamant that this will not deter the iPhone maker from jumping into this field since growth is “Apple’s biggest concern.”

The Apple Car is “big”

Usually, Apple never lets go of any information regarding its unreleased or unannounced products. However, rumors never stop coming out, where some end up true while others remain to be mere speculation. In this regard, Munster thinks that Apple will not be able to hide information about this automotive development.

“I think there will be a long steady flow of information,” Muster said. “It’s hard to keep that [Apple Car] under wraps.”

The first thing he thinks will happen is high-profile hiring followed by assembling of tools, which means ordering of parts. There is no possible way Apple can hide all these.

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