Apple Facing Possible Legal Action for iPhone 6’s Error 53

iPhone 6 Error 53

Apple may be in for a lawsuit following the revelations it made regarding the newly found Error 53. Users of iPhone 6 have been experiencing a serious problem with their devices especially when they try to update their OS to the latest iOS 9 and above.

According to a company spokesperson, this error message can also be seen when one restores their phone to factory settings. What happens here is that whenever your Touch ID sensor is fixed by a technician who is not authorized by Apple, the company’s systems will detect it and lock you out of the phone. With Error 53, there is nothing much you can do with your phone except looking at it.

Apple forcing users to use its repair services

According to Apple, the update will run tests of the device’s components to see that it still homes the same components the company used to build the phone. In the case of a new component, which might probably have been introduced by a third party technician when repairing your iPhone 6, the Error 53 message will be triggered. This message will show up whenever one tries to get the new OS to their phone or even by simply restoring the device to factory settings.

In a move that is seen to be unfair, there is a possibility that the iPhone maker might be in for legal action. This is based on the fact that the company is trying to force people into using its repair services instead of enjoying the freedom of repairing their devices from any qualified personnel. At the moment, there is a U.S. law firm (PCVA) trying to find out more regarding the possibility of a class-action court case.

iPhone 6 Error 53

Error 53 seems to be heavily affecting those persons who have had their Touch ID sensors and home buttons repaired or even replaced. As mentioned earlier, the error renders your phone useless and inoperable, which means one has to contact the company’s customer support in order to get resolutions.

A security measure

According to Apple, this error is as a result of a security measure they’ve taken to ensure that users’ data remains private and confidential. While Apple claims that this move is a way of keeping iOS features associated to the Touch ID sensor secure, the Seattle-based law firm has other thoughts. The firm has gone to its website to air its thoughts, claiming that Apple might be doing this intentionally so as to force owners of iPhone 6 to use the company’s repair services. Apple’s own repair services are known be costlier than using third-party repair technicians.

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