Apple iMessage for Android to be Unveiled at WWDC 2016

iMessage at WWDC 2016

There is a new and highly questionable rumor that claims Apple will be unveiling an Android version of its iDevice messaging application – iMessage.

As much as we’d like to call the rumor shaky, it won’t be the first time Apple has moved one of its apps to the Play Store so that Android users can also have a taste of what goes on with iOS apps. Apparently, the iPhone maker will be rolling out this iMessage for Android app at the upcoming WWDC 2016 show, an event the company holds each year to showcase some of its latest creations in the software world.

The WWDC 2016 will begin this Monday and according to anonymous sources, iMessage will be part of the day’s keynote event as the company looks to expand the reach of its messaging platform in a bid to surpass the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It is not easy to trust such vague rumors, but it is true that such speculations have been here before.

Apple is seemingly looking to expand its product offering beyond iOS and OS X by offering Android and probably Windows users its applications. This would mean the iMessage app joins Apple Music in moving over to the Google Play Store, something that could be signaling Apple’s desire to reach out to newer markets.

If the new development is indeed announced at the upcoming WWDC 2016 event, it will have followed Apple Music’s path as it is during this event last year that Cupertino revealed the possibility of having it availed on Android. As noted earlier, Apple Music is now available for download on Android devices via the Play Store.

iMessage for Android at WWDC 2016

Apple is best known for its close watch over security and privacy. With the introduction of a security and privacy conscious messaging application on a platform that is considered less secure, Apple might stand a chance of attracting a number of users who prefer using the flagship Google OS but are yet to come across a decent messaging app that minds the security of their personal data.

Despite the fact that iMessage will probably be showcased at the WWDC 2016 event next week, reports also claim that Apple might delay the official launch of the chat app for later this year.

Will you switch to using iMessage when it is rolled out to the Google Play Store? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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