Lenovo and Google Partner to Launch First Project Tango Phone – Phab2 Pro

Lenovo Phab2 Pro

It is now more than two years since Google first showcased a concept of what a 3D-sensing phone would look like. It is finally here and it’s Lenovo who are the masterminds behind this masterpiece that takes full advantage of Google’s Project Tango.

Dubbed the Lenovo Phab2 Pro, the phone has a huge display of 6.4 inches with QHD resolution, which subsequently gives it a massive weight of no less than half a pound. Of course, this makes the phone feel like a brick, but it also looks like one. In essence, the weight stems from the fact that the phone carries extra components that are aimed towards ensuring it doesn’t leave anything regarding Project Tango behind in terms of functionality.

Among the components you get on the Lenovo Phab2 Pro include two additional cameras, where one is for motion tracking and the other is for depth sensing. These extra cameras are here to support the main 16MP camera and they sit just underneath it. The fingerprint sensor is also located on the back of the phone. Lenovo ensured that the sensor used on the Phab2 Pro is capable of recording 4K videos, just like any other flagship can. The phone also includes specialized software that is meant to learn your surroundings, something that can be very helpful when augmented reality comes into play.

As you can tell from the specs, the rear of the Lenovo Phab2 Pro is definitely crowded, however, it still looks great given the space the phone provides with huge dimensions. Under the hood, the phablet has a below-par Snapdragon 652 SoC that is paired with a decent RAM of 4GB. You will get 64GB of onboard storage, which can be expanded via a microSD card.

Right out of the box, the new Phab2 Pro will find more than 100 apps that are ready to take advantage of Tango. These apps are available via the Google Play Store and surprisingly, these apps got here even before this phone was ready for use. Now that it is here, there is probably more to come.

Lenovo Phab2 Pro

The Lenovo Phab2 Pro will be here in September and will cost about $500. But the main question whose answer seems quite evasive is who exactly is Lenovo and Google targeting with this new Project Tango-inspired smartphone? Is it schools or professionals? This will only be answered with time, probably once the device has been released into the market.

If you feel like $500 is too much to spend on a device that you still don’t know its power, Lenovo also unveiled cheaper phones to go along with the flagship. On the lower end is a Lenovo Phab2 that is available for $199 while the Phab2 Plus is valued at $299. These handsets have the same screen size as the Pro version, but the resolution gets down slightly and so does the camera. You get 13MP rear-facing snappers on the two handsets, but the Phab2 Plus has two of them with the same f/2.0 aperture. In fact, Lenovo says that the cameras in the Phab2 handsets are powered by Leica’s image processor.

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