Apple to Integrate AR Technology for iPhone Camera Application – Timeline Around 2018 or even Later

iPhone Camera Application AR

Apple is planning to integrate the AR technology in the camera application of the iPhone, according to a source that has given information to Business Insider.

Integration of AR

AR technology, or augmented reality tech, is going to be integrated in the camera app for the iPhone. The project involves several teams belonging to many startups that have been acquired by Apple. It shows that Apple has an aim of putting augmented technology in the hands of users, along with developing special glass. This will result in changing the way users perceive the surroundings in times to come.

The company has also hired experts for head mounted display, which adds credibility to the news of launching glasses, which is a long-term initiative of the company.

AR technology in iPhone

AR Benefits

AR is a new technological development, whereby digital objects can be superimposed in the real world. For instance, the users can view a street in a city, with enriched details, such as direction maps, coupons for nearby stores, or animated characters of video games and so on.

Smart Glasses

The ultimate aim of using this technology is to produce smart glasses. Many companies, such as Google, Facebook as well as Microsoft and Apple among others are developing such smart glasses using AR technology. However, as of now, most of the popular AR apps will only be used on smartphones, such as in the Pokemon Go app, the recent runaway hit mobile game.


With the use of the new AR technology in the camera application of the iPhone, Apple will be able to allow the user to point the smartphone at any object in the real world and get it recognized, in accordance with the person’s familiarity with that object. This will involve the creation and licensing of a database consisting of 3D objects.

Other Features of AR Tech

Another feature arising out of the use of AR technology in the cameraapp, will be the recognizing and manipulation of faces. Apple has already integrated the technology of facial recognition in the photos application, in recent iOS versions. It has also bought over FaceShift, which also offers a similar technology, in the year 2015.

Acquiring Companies

In the past few years, Apple has been acquiring many AR technology as well as VR companies, such as Metaio, which it purchased in February of 2014. Another example is the buying over of Flyby Media during the month of January in 2016. The employees of these companies are working on the camera application of Apple’s iPhone at present.

Releasing the Technology

iPhone Camera Application AR

Initially, Apple is planning to build in the AR features into the camera application of the iPhone. Later on, the company will release the AR technology used in the app, to app developers in the form of an SDK. This is similar to what the company did with the Touch ID, fingerprint sensor technology. Once it does this, the company will be in a position to offer competition to Vuforia, Blippar and others.

No Comments

However, Apple has not made any comments on this development. Many other leaders in AR space have earlier reported that they think Apple will integrate the new AR technology in its next iOS version.

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