Apple iOS 10.2 Update Brings Wi-Fi Calling to iPhone 6, iPhone 6S

iPhone 6

Android users started showing off the ability to make calls over Wi-Fi when Google introduced Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow updates, but this feature is now making its way to Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S users through the latest iOS 10.2.

Those using iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S on Canadian carrier TELUS can now rejoice in the fact that the latest update to iOS 10.2 does come with a new Wi-Fi Calling feature. In case you didn’t know, Wi-Fi Calling is a feature that will save you from a lot of trouble whenever your cellular connectivity is poor or not available. The feature will let you switch between the two whenever possible and in so doing, you always have a way to reach out to your loved ones as long as any of the two is available. If anything, this is just another way of ensuring that you get the best call quality whenever possible.

“We are excited to announce that Wi-Fi Calling is now available to TELUS iPhone customers!” a statement from the Canadian carrier read. With this update, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S users using the latest iOS 10.2 will now be allowed to send and receive messages over Wi-Fi connectivity as well as make and receive calls just like usual. The good side of the story is that with this feature enabled, iPhone users won’t need to manually shift from cellular to Wi-Fi connectivity whenever the former has poor coverage, instead, the changeover happens automatically.

iPhone 6

It gets even better as the new Wi-Fi Calling feature brings no additional costs. Even though Wi-Fi calls and messages on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S will be billed in the same manner as regular calls and texts sent via the TELUS network, connecting to a public Wi-Fi spot means that you end up paying nothing at all. However, there is no guarantee that your communication will be safe when using public hotspots.

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