Apple’s Cord Cutter App Can Kill Cable Companies – Changing the Way We Watch TV Netflix Noticeably Missing

Apple Cord Cutter App

Cord Cutter is Apple’s new application that can kill cable companies and completely change the way in which we watch television.

The new application allows the user to pull in the content from all existing television applications. It allows the user to see all the content in a single place, such as a live broadcast or a television serial like Game of Thrones.

Apple Cord Cutter App

New App

Tim Cook recently revealed the new television app of Apple at an event held in Cupertino a few months back. It was announced that the new application would be available for Apple TV and iPads as well as iPhones from December 2016, in the US. The app has gone live now for millions of iPhone users, with the iOS 10.2 update. However, the shows of Netflix and Amazon are not included in the service.

What the App Does

The app Cord Cutter allows the user to find a show or a movie from several apps in one spot. The user can type in his question and the application lists all the platforms that show the particular show or movie. Siri has also been updated, so that it can be used for asking queries on television shows or a live broadcast.

Unified Experience

With this new app in the iOS 10.2, the company wants Apple TV to offer a unified television experience to users, according to the CEO, Tim Cook. A hundred and more providers have already signed up for this service, such as NBC, Hulu and BBC, however Netflix is not one of them, says Variety.

Television Guide

Users can take help from this app for searching a particular content in the application, which shows a list of the platforms streaming it, almost like a television guide. The user can type his search item or just use Siri, the voice assistant of Apple, and ask the question. The app then lists all the providers where you can view the same. According to Tim Cook, the future of television is in applications. Apple now has 8000 applications covering every possible category, with more than 1600 of them dedication to video content.

In addition to searching and locating content, the new application Cord Cutter, also tracks the content that a user normally watches and makes use of this information to offer recommendations.

Locating Current Views

The user can also locate a particular show or a movie that he has been watching, along with recent purchases of iTunes, all of which are presented in an order that he is more likely to view first. When the viewer finishes watching one episode, the next episode automatically appears in the Up Next, along with new episodes, as and when available.

Search Made Simple

Apple App Can Kill Cable Companies

Users can now search from one single spot for the content offered by Apple as well as other streaming services, such as Hulu. From December onwards, those subscribing to DirectTV or Dish Network can sign in a single time with Apple TV or through their iPhone or iPad. They can then access apps for which they have subscribed on their television.

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