Apple iPad Pro – Is it a Worthy Laptop Replacement?

Apple iPad Pro

Apple unveiled its plus-sized iPad Pro back in September 2015, becoming the largest tablet ever yet from the company. Ever since then, the Cupertino Company has been marketing this tablet as a device that has what it takes to replace your workplace desktop or even your laptop.

According to Apple, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro can be used as an all-in-one device for all your tablet and PC needs. Whether you want to check out some news or Facebook posts when heading to work in the morning or when leaving the office in the evening, work on some tasks in your office or even enjoy some movies when relaxing on the couch back at home – Apple says that the iPad Pro will take care of all these.

One thing that is for sure is that the iPad Pro 12.9 is indeed a great device, especially when looking at the quality of display (2732 by 2048 pixels resolution), the powerful A9X SoC under the hood, super slim design and a top-notch audio system. You also come across first support for an Apple Pencil on this tablet, alongside a Smart Connector that enables the addition of peripherals such as a keyboard and other accessories. But does all this make it a worthy laptop or desktop replacement? Honestly, this is a big no.

Of course, this huge iPad Pro will work out for those who are creative professionals, especially with the nifty Apple Pencil in mind. However, the idea of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro taking the place of a laptop or desktop is not just working out for many people out there. Whether you are looking at a budget laptop or even the most powerful desktops you can find around – the things PCs can do are far away from being eclipsed by this plus-sized Apple tablet.

Apple iPad Pro

One thing that Apple could not manage to bring out with the iPad Pro is the real power of a PC. For starters, it uses iOS instead of MacOS, which is Apple’s desktop or PC software. What this means is that no matter how Apple tries to convince the world that its current iPad Pro 12.9 can take the place of a desktop or laptop, it still behaves and runs on smartphone (iPhone) software and hardware for that matter. With any desktop, multitasking can see users open multiple windows on the screen and work on them all at once, but the idea Apple has for multitasking with respect to the iPad Pro is simply opening two apps side by side.

So, as much as Apple would want the iPad Pro to take the place of laptops and desktops, the functionality of the device means it will always be a tablet. Speaking of tablets, this 12.9-inch model has it all. Its plus size means you get the best watching experience while the top-notch hardware also means performance levels are the best you can get around. You can also get creative with the Apple Pencil, which is arguably the best tablet stylus you can find in the current market.

Having said this, there is no doubt that the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 is a cool device to have. But let’s face it – the device will never replace PCs, at least from our side of things, and a bunch of others too.

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2 thoughts on “Apple iPad Pro – Is it a Worthy Laptop Replacement?”

  1. The answer is no, of course not. The iPad is far too crippled by iOS’s limitations and its lack of proper I/O ports.
    It’s bad enough trying to use the iPad as a tablet, with no efficient way to get files onto or off of it. Millions of people waste millions of hours E-mailing things to themselves, because Apple’s mobile devices ironically can’t communicate with the world around them. You can’t drag & drop files back and forth when connected through USB, which brings up the biggest reason that iOS devices can’t replace computers: There’s no user-accessible file system.

    Thanks to Apple’s fear, there’s no place to put your work on an iPad so that you can use multiple applications on it. Sure, there are clunky workarounds if application developers have implemented them for every file format you might want to use, but this is more wasted time.

    If you’re not using the Pencil, there’s no precision pointing device. And if you are using the Pencil, you’ll notice that… Apple “forgot” to give you anyplace to put it on the iPad Pro. This thing was introduced with the Pencil as one of its big attractions. And yet… it’s not accommodated by the iPad Pro. Not only is there no place to put it, but the OS doesn’t even support handwritten text entry. It’s unbelievable: Palm OS had this nailed 20 years ago, but Apple gives you now way to enter text with the Pencil. You can draw bitmaps of scribbled notes and E-mail them around as images, or you can hunt for individual apps that have implemented their own handwriting recognition. WTF?

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