Apple iOS 10 Beta 4 is Here – Packs 100 New Emojis and More

iOS 10

Apple announced the new iOS 10 at the WWDC 2016 event a few weeks ago, however, the stable version will come out together with this year’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which should happen somewhere in September this year.

The newest version to come out is still in beta, but it is the fourth version. Like any other software upgrade, the new iOS 10 comes in with a bunch of new additions as well as refinements to the current ones. The most exciting of them, perhaps, is the company’s works on the emojis. There are updates or rather redesigns for more than 100 emojis on the new iOS 10 beta.

Just as a teaser, Apple has shared some of these emojis on its website and for sure, you will be dumb not to notice the changes. First and foremost, more gender options have been added to a number of emojis already available. For instance, there are new female athletes, a feature that might be a little late for the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympics. As it had been rumored, the gun emoji is no more and instead, there is a cute water pistol in its place. It doesn’t end there as Apple has also added a new flag in iOS 10 beta. However, this has nothing to do with countries, instead, it is a rainbow flag.

iOS 10

Apple’s focus on emojis with respect to the new iOS 10 hasn’t gone unnoticed. In addition to redesigning and adding new characters, the iPhone maker will also be coming in with other smart features related to emojis. For starters, the QuickType word suggestion bar for iOS 10 will now bring out suggestions for emojis you can use when chatting with friends. These suggested emojis will be based on the current word being typed. It gets even better as the iMessage app will now see users added with the ability to send emojis that are up to 3 times bigger than the current ones.

Perhaps the best addition of all is the emojify feature where users will be able to switch to an emoji keyboard in iOS 10, upon which words will be highlighted and when tapped, they will automatically be replaced with a suitable emoji. Cool huh!

Unfortunately, this iOS 10 beta is only available for developers. For those on the public beta program, the wait is still on, but it shouldn’t be long before the OS comes your way.

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