Apple iPhone 12 – LG Display to Benefit from Apple’s Orders for OLED Displays

Apple iphone 12

The excitement is building up in the smartphone market as the date for the annual Apple event nears. We can expect to see four Apple iPhone 12 models launched this year.

The display sizes of these devices are likely to be 5.4-inch, 2x 6.1-inch, and one 6.7-inch. The American giant has been relying on the South Korean rival Samsung for its OLED display panels. It is now learned that a large part of this year’s iPhone 12 models will be sporting OLED panels from LG Display. These would be for the 6.2-inch models and the OLED panels order quantity is said to be 20 million.

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Apple Sees Increase in Demand

There have been reports of a huge spike in demand for iPhones and other Apple products in this quarter. The company expects this trend to continue and perhaps gain momentum when the new models touch the shelves. The break up of the orders is rumored as follows; Samsung Display will supply around 35 million OLED displays for the lower-end 5.4-inch iPhone 12. The company will also ship another 15 to 20 million each of the panels for the 6.1-inch and the top-end 6.7-inch iPhones to be released this year. The order to LG Display will be for only one of the 6.1-inch iPhone 12s and the quantity is likely to be 20 million.

LG Display the Real Beneficiary

LG Display has been supplying OLED panels in the past to Apple. However, the volumes were quite limited and Samsung was the key player. Even though Apple was possibly paying a higher price to Samsung Display.


There’s one more OLED panel supplier that Apple is developing in China, BOE. The Chinese company has plants in Chengdu and Mianyang and reports suggest Apple is in the final stages of approving BOE as a regular supplier of OLED panels for iPhones. It is now rumored that BOE may receive orders for supplying their panels only in 2021.

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Meanwhile, with this big order for OLED panels from Apple, LG Display must be heaving a big sigh of relief. The company has been posting consistent losses and this order may help the company buck this trend. The 20 million quantity order is said to be an increase of over 5 times the quality it supplied last year.

If Apple is happy with the quality and timely delivery of OLED panels by LG Display and promotes BOE as an alternative supplier, Samsung’s contribution in this segment may gradually decline.

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