Apple iPhone 6S to Apple iPhone 7 – To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?

iPhone 6S

The new Apple iPhone 7 is available for purchase even though some of the colors have already been sold out through pre-orders.

T-Mobile has stated that it has received unprecedented interest in the phone. It either suggests the arrival of several new customers to the Apple brand following the recent recall to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or many customers upgrading from the iPhone 6 or even iPhone 5S. Apple customers generally tend to stick with the brand, but it is getting difficult to decide whether an upgrade is warranted with a new iPhone coming every year.

apple iphone 7

Should consumers who have the Apple iPhone 6S consider sticking with the phone or upgrading to the Apple iPhone 7? The answer would be a yes and no in many regards.

The presence of a new duo camera set up in the Apple iPhone 7 Plus should surely be a major reason to upgrade from the iPhone 6S, not just because of the supposed-effects it is capable of but because of the much better image processing. The extremely small sensor means that the Apple iPhone 7 Plus is capable of some incredible shots never before seen on a mobile phone. The camera on the Apple iPhone 6S Plus had a f/2.2 aperture which has now increased to f/1.8. This makes for some excellent shots even at night with minimal noise.

The front facing camera has also been upgraded to a seven-megapixel shooter from the five-megapixel sensor in the earlier device. Apple expects the new iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 to offer slightly better battery life due to the increase in battery capacity. Looks are subjective, but the phone does look better with the antenna bands hidden at the top and the bottom of the device. The addition of water resistant capabilities since Apple had the space vacated by the 3.5 mm headphone socket is another bonus.

Of course, there are also disappointments that one should be prepared to deal with when making the shift from the iPhone 6S to the iPhone 7. The lack of the 3.5 mm headphone socket pretty much renders the existing crop of headphones useless. Even though Apple has provided the lightning adapter in the box, it is easy to get lost and replacements are rather expensive at almost $10.

iPhone 6S

Since the new iPhone 7 is available at the same price as the iPhone 6S, an upgrade is definitely the answer especially since the base memory is now 32 GB.

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