Whatsapp Offers OneDrive Cloud Backup Support for Windows Phone

Microsoft OneDrive

If you have been a Windows Phone user for a long time now, then you would probably be aware of the fact that WhatsApp is one of the organizations that is working continuously on improving their app on all the platforms including Microsoft’s mobile app platform with all the new features and updates.

However, when compared to its iOS and Android-based counterparts, there have been instances when at least one of the few updated features went missing for the Windows platform of the WhatsApp mobile app.


The Android and iOS platforms for WhatsApp were offered with cloud backup for all the data, chat history, and messages long time back, but for reasons unknown, this backup went missing for the Windows Phone version. This did not make much sense to many of the users given the fact that the instant messaging network is always keen on getting its app right on all its platforms. It turns out that the company has now realized what it had missed and is working hard on adding this feature as soon as possible even for its Windows Phone users. WhatsApp is going to integrate OneDrive cloud backup support for its Windows Phone app version, which is available currently in the latest beta version of the app. This means that if you wish to, you can enable the cloud backup feature on your mobile app and then all your conversations will be safely stored in the cloud. In case you want to change your mobile handset, then restoring all the data will get as easy as a pie.

WhatsApp Beta is currently allowing the users to backup all the data on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. However, you can disable this update if you don’t wish to backup data. Moreover, you can also choose if you need to backup data while using cellular data or while connected to Wi-Fi.

Different Platforms Have Different Cloud Services

The only issue that comes with the cloud backup for messages in WhatsApp is that each mobile client comes with support for the different services for each platform. So, while OneDrive is needed for backing up data from the Windows Phone, Android-based users can backup their data on Google Drive and iPhone users will have to turn to iCloud for data backup.

Though it is a little troublesome if you wish to move from one platform to another, for example from Android to iPhone, but otherwise, such kind of an implementation of different backup clients for different platforms makes sense. This is because there is no option to save all the conversations on a single cloud service that exists for both the platforms. On the other hand, there are other third-party apps out in the market which can do this for you. However, there is no doubt that it would be more convenient when there is a direct implementation which will make such a transition a lot easier.

Microsoft OneDrive

In the meantime, it is good to know that WhatsApp has added OneDrive cloud backup support for Windows Phone. The Windows Phone users are looking forward to the moment when the update will be available to the public.

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