Apple iPhone 7: Has Apple Committed a Grave Mistake by Omitting Headphone Socket?

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Faced with the prospect of falling iPhone sales for the last two quarters, Apple needed to come up with something brilliant for the new Apple iPhone 7.

The device just went official on September 7, but it is only an incremental update that does not bring anything revolutionary to the table. One of the headline features of the new Apple iPhone 7 has been the lack of a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Apple has had a tradition of doing away – much earlier than the rivals – with technology that it considers obsolete.

The absence of the headphone socket comes at a time when almost every premium wired headphone is connected to a smartphone using this socket. It is often regarded that wired headsets provided the best sound quality when compared with headsets that use Bluetooth or other wireless means. This is largely because the signal through wires is stable whereas there is a possibility of the signal getting distorted when it is wireless. Apple has tried to pacify those audiophiles by offering an adapter, which costs around $10, but there is a greater possibility of losing this adapter than enjoying great sound.

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Other major revisions on the Apple iPhone 7 include the presence of a new dual camera setup – as leaked several months ago – on the larger iPhone 7 Plus model. The dual camera setup combines a wide angle and a telephoto lens, but the biggest draw about this feature will come only later through an update. Apple has confirmed that this update will bring the ability to achieve DSLR effects through a portrait mode. The regular Apple iPhone 7 does not get a major change with regard to the rear camera, but the front camera has been improved immensely on both models with the new seven-megapixel shooter.

Getting back to the headphone disappointment, Apple has tried to offer a solution with its extremely well designed AirPods. These wireless headphones are priced at $160 and offers the ability to connect to Siri on the move. They are also conveniently charged using their holders.

Apple has attempted something revolutionary with the lack of a headphone socket, but it may go down as a mistake.

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