Worst Three New Features on the Apple iPhone 7


The launch of a new Apple iPhone – especially during the Steve Jobs era – was usually made with a raft of new features.

Almost all of these features received a universal acclaim, but those days seem long gone. The latest unveiling of the Apple iPhone 7 has been made with muted response with regard to several features. Here are some of the worst aspects of the new Apple iPhone 7:

  1. Lack of Headphone Socket

The prospect of Apple doing away with the 3.5 mm headphone socket has been rumored for quite a while and it has finally become official with the iPhone 7. This feature has long been the standard for connecting a smartphone with headphones. Even though the company has had a successful history of replacing technology that would later become obsolete, Apple may have done a mistake with the iPhone 7 largely because it eliminates the possibility of using premium headsets or older headsets – at least for the moment.

apple iphone 7

Of course, Apple provides an adapter that can be used to connect devices complying with the current standards but it is ugly and there is a greater chance of losing it. Apple does not seem to have gained much by doing away with the headphone socket.

  1. Display

Even though Apple claims that the display on the iPhone 7 is brighter than its predecessor, it is a big opportunity missed on all fronts. The display remains of the same size and has the same resolution. It feels pale in comparison with phones offering QHD screens with AMOLED technology. The long rumored OLED panels on the iPhone cannot have come soon. The lack of new display features could be a major hindrance in the face of competition like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – even after its recall.

  1. Same Design

Apart from the antenna bands being more hidden than before, the Apple iPhone 7 is exactly similar to the predecessor. The phone still has good looks, but it has been around for a long time and the design was in need of a major revamp.

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