Apple iPhone 7 Breaks AnTuTu Benchmarks By Considerable Margin

iphone 7

When Apple promised ground-breaking results in terms of performance through the new A10 Fusion chipset, it seemed like the type of marketing gimmick that the American tech giant comes up with every year.

Apple iPhone launches are no longer exciting as they once used to be and Apple has resorted to showing how – through figures and percentages – their phones have improved year-on-year. The company, though, may have been making a valid claim with regard to the new Apple iPhone 7 and the Apple iPhone 7 Plus if the AnTuTu benchmarks are anything to go by.

iphone 7

Latest results for the Apple iPhone 7 have smashed records on the AnTuTu benchmarks. Even more interesting is the fact that they have been able to considerably do well than the android higher end phones. The OnePlus 3 is the best performing Android device on the benchmark but it returns with around 140k points, which is a whopping 30k points lower than the iPhone 7. In fact, the new Apple iPhone 7 is better than the iPhone 6S by a similar margin. Apple claims that this new processor is blazingly fast without requiring too much power.

A fantastic combination on paper, the iPhone 7 is expected to deliver similar or slightly better battery life as a result of the 1960 mAh battery on board. The higher brightness levels capable on the screen may be a reason behind this factor. Even then, it is excellent that the iPhone 7 sports such impressive performance and it should be good enough to stay at the top of its game for the next couple of years.

antutu benchmarks

Interestingly, most of the android phones offer the latest snapdragon 820 processors including the OnePlus 3. Hence, it is extremely surprising to know that even this latest generation processor falls way short of the targets set by the new iPhone 7. Even though Apple has not yet come out with the official figures, it is rumored that the new iPhone 7 packs in 2 GB of RAM. This means even better news for users of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus since the phone is rumored to come with 3 GB of RAM for the first time on an iPhone.

This performance has been offered by Apple at no extra cost compared to the prices of the previous generation Apple iPhone 6S. This could very well be one of the best aspects of the iPhone 7 for 2016.

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