Pokemon Go is Coming to Android Wear Watches Soon

Pokemon Go to Apple Watch

During the Apple event, the company announced their plans to bring Pokemon Go to Apple Watch. They even launched the Super Mario Run for the iPhone 7 and 7S models.

When the announcement was made, it was evident that developers wouldn’t miss the opportunity bring these two new games to Android devices as well. Latest update from Niantic studios suggests that the company is planning to release Pokemon Go on Android Wear watches in the near future. They said that the game is pretty likely to land on all devices that runs the Android OS but didn’t reveal a particular release date.

Pokemon Go

“Bringing games into the real world and revolutionize the way people play games is an integral part of our job. Niantic labs believes that we can do it with titles like Pokemon Go and smart watches make things much easier. Supporting as many devices as possible is the only way to reach the entirety of the audience,” said John Hanke, CEO of Niantic.

He added that the Apple Watch is a great device to bring their idea to the real world. The watches can encourage people to be on the road and when they do so, they can have interesting apps like Pokemon Go. Similarly, Android Wear devices are equally good for mobility, gameplay and to reach a larger audience. “With such possibilities, it is obvious that we are interested in bringing the game to those watches as well. It’s pretty likely,” he added.

The Apple event on September 8th confirmed that Pokemon Go is coming to new iPhones. The device will save a lot of time and give players ultimate fun. When wearing the smart watch from Apple, players will be notified of the distance they have to walk in order to reach the Pokemon, the XP required to level up, nearby eggs and so on. All these details will be displayed and their watch will send an alert whenever they walk close to a pokemon. There is an option that automatically captures them but the developers are yet to talk more about how it works.

Pokemon Go to Apple Watch

Pokemon Go has been downloaded by more than 500 million people even though it is yet to be released in multiple countries. Players have walked over 4.6 billion miles to capture the pokemons and Niantic is really happy to have brought people back to the streets even though they did need the help of smartphones. A convincing way to make live social again.

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