Apple iPhone 7 Launch and Release Dates Confirmed

2017 Apple iPhone

With just about every detail of the next iPhone 7 specifications and features known, what many fans are anticipating for are the official launch and release dates of this handset, alongside the pricing, but the latter shouldn’t be of such a huge concern.

We know that Apple will be making subtle changes to the iPhone 6S design, but things like a touch-sensitive home button, a slightly larger camera as well as a missing 3.5mm headphone jack are also expected to make their debut. In addition to these, we now have a supposed launch date as well as the release date of the upcoming iPhone 7 and its bigger brother iPhone 7 Plus.

Coming from Bloomberg, it seems certain that Apple will unveil the iPhone 7 on September 7th. In fact, this date coincides with what famous leaker Evan Blass had said earlier, that Apple will begin taking pre-orders for the 2016 iPhone on September 9th. Even though at the time Blass did not mention a thing about the official launch date of the phone, it now makes sense to have the pre-orders start on the said date. As for the official release of the iPhone 7, expect the phone to be here as from September 16th.

Apple iPhone 7

Apple seems to be reading the same book as Samsung as far as announcing and releasing its iPhones is concerned. Last year, it took about two weeks for Apple to officially release the iPhone 6S following its launch on September 9. As noted, the story could be a little different this time as the two dates could have just a week between them. For the fans, this is even better as they get to see their priced assets sooner than before.

Even though Apple has made it known that the good stuff will be coming with the 2017 iPhone, the new iPhone 7 is still expected to be a significant upgrade over the current iPhone 6S, especially when it comes to hardware specs and even the camera. But as noted earlier, don’t expect big changes in terms of design.

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