Apple iPhone 7 May Not Feature Huge Design Changes

Apple iPhone 7

It has been rumored heavily that the iPhone 7 will be a major rework, especially in terms of its design.

This was in line with Apple’s design philosophy of bringing substantial changes every two years. The biennial design philosophy was expected to help the Apple iPhone 7 stand out from the crowd. The last major design change came with the Apple iPhone 6, although it was largely overlooked because of the increase in screen size. The screen size was the major talking point of the device. Apart from the camera bump in the rear, critics did not have much to complain about the design of the iPhone 6.

It appears to have forced the couple into a rethink with regards to the design of the upcoming Apple iPhone 7. Recent rumors suggested that the design will almost remain similar. Only recently, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook claimed that the upcoming iPhone will have a radical feature that will make everyone look to make the switch. His comments came just days after Apple reported the first fall in iPhone sales since the introduction of the phone in 2007.

iPhone 7

A design leak again meant that the outer dimensions of the iPhone 7 will be exactly similar. This may be only possible if the company decides to retain the same design albeit with a couple of changes. It should also be noted that several other leaks have confirmed that the dimensions would be 138.30 x 67.12 mm. The leaks, though, have not come in with a mention of the thickness of the device. Apple is reportedly looking at the possibility of increasing the thickness of the iPhone 7.

Even though this would go against the continuous improvements made by the company in this regard over the years, it will enable Apple to provide a bigger battery. The Apple iPhone Plus models do not suffer from average battery life since the larger footprint helps the use of a larger battery. Despite having a 4.7-inch screen, the base models have come with smaller batteries in the search for a thin design. This may be overlooked in favor of better battery life, which will be able to provide more joy with the iPhones features for longer. Apple is expected to come out with the new iPhone 7 in the next few months. Several other manufacturers have changed the release dates of their phones in order to avoid a clash with the Apple device.

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