New Moto G4 Rumors Suggest NFC Debut and Full HD Display

Moto G4 NFC Debut and Full HD Display

Motorola is certainly preparing for the launch of the Moto G4.

The frequency of leaks and rumors about the phone has skyrocketed in the last few weeks ahead of the anticipated launch date before the end of May. The arrival of the Moto G4 could increase the domination by Motorola in the mid-range smartphone segment. Even the availability of phones like the OnePlus X have not been able to limit the popularity of the third-generation Moto G. It was a highly successful phone offering class leading features in an attractive package.

It is highly anticipated that the fourth-generation Moto G will come with a slight increase in screen size. Compared with the 5 inch screen currently in use on the third-generation Moto G, the fourth generation will employ a 5.2 inch display. Likewise, resolution will also be increased from a 720p display to a 1080p display. These changes will make a massive impact on the way the phone is perceived in the midrange segment. The screen size used on the Moto G4 may make the device perfect to handle as well as offering substantial multimedia capabilities.

Moto G4

Another talking point is the reported 3000 mAh battery, which is almost sure to come with the fast charging feature. It may be unlikely to offer wireless charging, but this size of a battery coupled with fast charging is a perfect recipe for an entertainment device. Base memory will be increased from 8 GB on the Moto G3 to 16 GB on the Moto G4. Similarly, the top end variant will now come with 32 GB of on-board storage, which can be used to maximize the 5.2 inch’s versatility even more. Just as with the internal memory, the amount of RAM on the top end variant will be 3 GB.

NFC is expected to make its debut for the first time on the Moto G line-up.

Motorola has just announced that the fans can expect a very exciting press conference on June 9 in the United States. It is highly anticipated that the Moto G4 will be launched on this date. Aside from coming with the Moto G4, one can also expect the Turbo version to be launched alongside. The Turbo version of the Moto G3 has been a huge success and it is expected to continue with the upcoming variant as well.

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