Apple iPhone 7 Phone App Freezes Often During Calls – Fix in Sight?

iPhone 7 App Freezes During Calls

Something is not right at Apple’s camp.

Before even dealing with the iPhone 6S shutdown nightmare, it appears that iPhone 7 is having a problem of its own as well.

According to the latest reports, Apple iPhone 7 users are reporting cases where their phones drop connections in the middle of a call. In other cases, the app’s Phone app simply freezes, only leaving some users with the option to get a warranty exchange for the handset.

Apple iPhone 7 App Freezes

There is a lot of pressure on Apple to deliver the best 2017 iPhone 8, if at all this will be the name of the phone, especially since the 2016 iPhone 7 kept all design aspects of the 2014 and 2015 iPhone 6 and 6S, respectively. However, Apple might be forced to spend a lot of its time during the coming year finding solutions to problems of affecting its current flagship alongside other older models.

As usual, Apple iPhone 7 users took to the official Support Communities page to air their frustrations. An issue that begun with one person has now turned into a massive problem affecting many users of this device. Even though most reports about the Phone app freezing are centered on iPhone 7, there are also those reporting the same issue on the older iPhone 6S and even iPhone 5S.

Many of those affected by the issue are already using the latest iOS 10.1.1. While some are already speaking of rolling back to iOS 10.1, it is possible that Apple will be fixing this issue with an update to version 10.2 of the same OS.

Other than the iPhone 7 Phone app crashing when making calls, it has also been reported that the app also freezes when inside the settings, recent calls and so on. As noted earlier, some users have opted to seek an exchange for the products, but some are adamant that carriers can solve the problem by performing a formal network reset while others are of the view that turning off Exchange contacts will solve the problem. But none of these are reliable solutions for all affected devices.

iPhone 7 App Freezes During Calls

Sometimes back with iOS 10, the Phone app had issues that affected carrier signals, however, Apple addressed the problem through an iOS 10.1 update. With iOS 10.2 now at beta 5, it should be out in the new few weeks, however, those using the latest beta version have not seen any solution to this problem come their way. Still, Apple has time to address this issue before the stable version of iOS 10.2 is released to the affected iPhone 7, iPhone 6S and iPhone 5S handsets.

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