Samsung Galaxy S8 Could Steal Yet Another Awesome iPhone 7 Feature

iPhone 7

Apple is still in court over a patent infringement case against Samsung with respect to the iPhone designs – a case that dates back to 2011.

However, this is not stopping the South Korean tech giant from mining yet another feature from Cupertino’s latest smartphone – iPhone 7 – as far as its 2017 Samsung Galaxy S8 is concerned. Talk has been rife that the South Korean tech giant is busy working on a new Samsung Galaxy S8 that will be released in early 2017 and succeed the highly successful Galaxy S7. It is even believed that Samsung will do everything possible to ensure that the handset fills the void left behind by the dead Galaxy Note 7. With this in mind, you can expect almost anything from the tech giant, including borrowing a leaf from the magnificent iPhone 7.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Apple made steps in the audio quality of the iPhone 7 when it launched the phone with stereo speakers. Of course, the iPhone 7’s audio quality is not comparable to what the front-facing speakers on the some HTC or ZTE devices can produce, especially since the handset uses the ear piece as its second speaker. However, this feat has forced Samsung into making one of the best decisions in the history of Galaxy phones, at least according to rumors.

Apple’s iPhone 7 is the first handset in the iPhone lineup to ever come with stereo speakers, now Samsung Galaxy S8 wants to achieve the same feat with respect to the Galaxy phones’ realm. The tech giant is looking at adding loud front-facing speakers to its 2017 flagship. To achieve this, Samsung will rely on its recent $8 billion investment that saw the company acquire the high-end audio firm, Harman International Industries – a company that is well known for its attachments to brands such as JBL and AKG.

iPhone 7

At the time of buying the establishment, Harman CEO Dinesh Paliwal was clear that Samsung Galaxy S8 and the timing of its release will not allow for the integration of Harman audio technology into the device, but it seems there is a change to this stance. Still, be warned that this latest report does not come directly from Harman or Samsung, which could mean that Paliwal’s statement could still stand, where the audio technology will start appearing in Samsung devices from 2018 onwards.

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