Apple iPhone 7 Plus Now More Popular Than Any Other ‘Plus’ Variant

iPhone 7 Plus

Apple introduced the Plus variants of its iPhone a few years ago in order to take on the competition that was spearheaded by the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

Samsung quite possibly reinvented the phablet segment with its Galaxy Note phones. These devices – with an extra-large display of close to 6 inches – were hitting the sales of the iPhones by providing something that was completely unavailable in the iPhone range back then. Since the introduction of the Plus phones, Apple has only been able to receive lukewarm response. It may have been largely because the standard iPhone fits perfectly into the hand with its smaller 4.7-inch screen whereas the Plus device has a 5.5-inch screen.

Apple iphone 7 plus

One of the biggest criticisms of Apple has been their inability to take advantage of the screen real estate present on the larger Plus variants. This has forced Apple into offering some additional features on the Plus variant starting with the iPhone 7 Plus. The new Apple iPhone 7 Plus comes with two cameras in the rear, which are combined to provide several aspects like blurring out the background or optical zoom. These changes seem to have had a huge effect on the popularity of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, which accounts for 30% of the iPhones sold.

This is a higher percentage than any other generation has enjoyed till date. Some of the other aspects of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus include a much longer battery life than the standard variant. On the negative aspect, it now takes much longer to charge up the iPhone 7 Plus. Apple has to work on a quick charging technology sooner rather than later since it takes almost three hours to take the iPhone from 0% to 100%. Such a long time at a time when phones like the OnePlus 3 offer dash charging – quite possibly the fastest way to get a battery full.

iPhone 7 Plus

The standard Apple iPhone 7 does not get the fancy dual camera setup not the substantially greater battery life. These are expected to be a reason behind consumers shifting to the larger iPhone 7 Plus. The availability of phones with a large display mean that consumers are no longer looking for sub-5 inch displays in smartphones. However, this may not especially apply to the Apple iPhone 7 on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus as both phones still have larger footprint for the screen size that they offer.

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