Apple iPhone 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 – 5 Things that Make the iPhone Unique

iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7

There is no doubting that Samsung Galaxy S7 and Apple iPhone 7 are two best phones in the market right now, however, the latter is still very fresh.

Given that many have probably heard a lot about the Galaxy S7, they’ll be wondering what tricks Apple has hidden in the iPhone 7. Well, we have a list of the most important features that the iPhone 7 can do but the same remains a dream for those using the Galaxy S7.

The “dual-lens camera” effect

Samsung Galaxy S7 has been in the spotlight with its great camera capabilities. But this was before Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 Plus – a phablet that packs a dual-lens camera setup. Unlike what you see on Android devices with the same camera setup, Apple’s case brings in optical zoom, meaning you get to zoom in/out without altering the image. This is much better than digital zoom, which basically “crops” the image while in the process allowing you to see more pixels. There is no optical zoom on the Galaxy S7.

Apple’s iOS leads the way

When it comes to developer preference, Apple’s iOS leads the way. The platform is favored by many and as such, it tends to get the best apps ahead of Android. This is one thing only the iPhone 7 can have and not the Galaxy S7.

Faster, more consistent software updates

Apple controls every software aspect of the iPhone 7. This means that in terms of software updates, the Apple phone will always be ahead of the Galaxy S7. This is true because Android is owned by Google, which does all the major works on the OS. As for Samsung, it has to wait for Google to avail the OS first before it makes its own modifications. This can at times take months or even years!

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

More storage

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the first phones from Cupertino to pack a massive storage option of 256GB. In addition to this, the company also added a 128GB option and a smaller 32GB variant. This does not just mean that Apple has larger storage options than the Galaxy S7, but it also marks the company’s first move away from the base model of 16GB.

Samsung Galaxy S7, on the other hand, only comes with a storage option of 32GB. Still, you can add a microSD card of up to 256GB, but there are some limitations associated with memory cards. For instance, not all apps allow saving on memory cards.

Enhanced stereo speakers

Apple packed dual speakers in the iPhone 7, but the Galaxy S7 only comes with one speaker. The second iPhone 7 speaker is built into the receiver, with the other one located at the bottom. The sound produced is a lot louder than before, and much better than the S7, making it great for watching videos and listening to music.

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