Microsoft Says Xbox Scorpio will Run Natively at 4K Resolution


Microsoft is quite confident about their next generation Xbox Scorpio console. While Sony is yet to talk about PS5, their competitor announced it much earlier and now has some strong claims to make.

According to Shannon Loftis, publishing manager at Microsoft Studios, the new Xbox Scorpio will be a gaming beast enclosed in a slick console body. It should be able to render games natively at 4K resolution instead of trying to upscale 1080p visuals. Most modern day machines except for powerful PCs try to upscale whatever content is thrown at them.

xbox scorpio

Gaming should be on the higher end because by 2018, players expect to enjoy virtual reality like never before and the pricing of 4K televisions could drastically drop down. In such scenarios, the next generation consoles, be it Playstation 5 or Xbox Scorpio should be able to easily render games without stutter. They struggled a lot in current generation to deliver 1080p 30 frames per second while even entry level PC graphics could manage it easy in 2016.

The lower power of the consoles forced both Microsoft and Sony to come up with new machines much earlier. The PS4 Pro and Slim along with the Xbox One S is a noticeable upgrade. It was also the end of an era that is hardly anywhere close to the time enjoyed by the Xbox 360.

“Almost all the games that get launched by the time Scorpio comes to the market should be able to run at 4K and the console will be ready to deliver on it without any compromises,” said Shannon. The hardware can deliver upto 6 teraflops of as confirmed by Microsoft during the E3 2016 launch event.

The new PS4 Pro console delivers nearly 4.5 teraflops of graphical power giving a tough competition to Scorpio. If the PS5 is more powerful, engineers who are working on Scorpio should upgrade its hardware so that it can deliver true 4K content without compromising on frame rates. Both Nvidia and AMD had launched cheap graphic cards that could nearly deliver 4K gaming to PCs at console frame rates in 2016.


The catch up game between Windows machines and consoles continues. Microsoft has erased the competition by embracing PCs and getting rid of exclusives. Sony still relies on their AAA titles to sell their console. The best marketing strategy will be the one that reaches its audience and it can be confirmed only when the next gen consoles hit stores next year.

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