Apple iPhone 8 Radical Redesigning Expected, Huge and Expensive, Home Button Replaced by Function Area

iPhone 8 as iPhone X

There are reports that the Apple iPhone 8 will come with radical redesigned features, being bigger and more expensive in the process.

Some reports claim that the iPhone 8 will be called iPhone X.

Three Configurations

According to Nikkei, a financial newspaper, Apple will be offering the iPhone 8 for 2017 in three configurations. One will be the iPhone 7S and the second will be the iPhone 7S Plus brands. As for the third one, the iPhone iteration will come with a brand new OLED screen display and will be massive at 5.8 inches.

Apple iPhone 8

Massive Screen

This means that the third configuration of 5.8 inches will make the iPhone 8 screen the largest one so far. It is also bigger than other mass smartphones. Of course, it is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus will also be bigger. However, some customers are worried about the big size of the upcoming iPhone 8. The good news is that it is reported that Apple will be reducing the upper and lower bezels on the screen, so that the device continues to remain smaller when compared to the iPhone 7 Plus.

Cost to Increase

However, the more painful part of the news from Nikkei is that the iPhone 8 to be released this year will be the most expensive smartphone that Apple has released so far. This is in keeping with another news from Ming Chi Kuo of KGI Securities. He has also stated that the flagship version of the iPhone 8 will come at no less than $1000.

Earlier Reports

However, the news from Nikkei is in contradiction of its earlier news. In October of 2016, Nikkei had stated that the Apple iPhone 8 would come with a display screen of 5 inches. This meant that the iPhone 8 would be placed between the regular models and the Plus model. However, there is a reasonable explanation for this report as well.

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Function Area

According to Kuo, the new iPhone 8 of 2017 will come with a display screen of 5.8 inches. However, only a smaller part of this, namely 5.15 inches, would be used as the screen. The rest of the area will be a sort of function area. This is similar to the feature of the Touch Bar seen on the Apple MacBook Pro latest iteration. It adapts or adjusts to the users’ needs. As a result of this new function area feature, Apple will be able to remove the home button on its iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 as iPhone X

The result will be that the iPhone 8 will offer a look that is almost bezel less and have a huge screen of 5.8 inches in a chassis that is not more than the iPhone 7 of 4.7 inches. The usable size of the screen, 5.15 inches, will be same as that seen on the competitor phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 tipped for a display of 5.8 inches.

Biometric Technology

In addition, there is another side effect to this change in the design. The Touch ID also comes to an end and it will be replaced by other biometric technology, such as facial recognition or iris scanning features.

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