Google Alphabet Inc. Releasing New Pixel Edition 2017, Will it be a Game Changer?

Google Pixel 2

Google subsidiary Alphabet Inc. will release a new edition of the Google Pixel smartphone later on in 2017.

Android Pit was the first to offer the report, quoting the Pixel chief, Rick Osterloh, as saying that Google would continue to keep up its yearly rhythm in the phone industry. He claimed that there would be a successor to the Google Pixel, though the date is not yet sure. The price of the phone would continue to remain in the premium category.

Google Pixel

Foray into Hardware

The Google Pixel phones were launched at an opportune moment for the company. The Pixel smartphones received positive reviews and marked the beginning of Google’s entry into hardware. The Pixel phones also represented a showcase for the Google Assistant, which is Google’s answer to Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa and Apple’s Siri.

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Opportune Moment

The timing of the Google Pixel release was just right, as Samsung was just garnering the headlines with the explosive batteries on the Note 7 and the iPhone 7 was getting lukewarm reviews. The Google Pixel smartphones were similar to other Android phones of the time and also to iPhones. The camera was similar to the one on the latest iPhones along with similar sensors.

Sales Figures

One estimate regarding the sales of the Google Pixel phones is that the company has sold around one million of the devices. However, other estimates are less flattering. Osterloh has stated in a conversation with Android Pit that the demand during this cycle is more than the devices available.

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Great Expectations

Experts as well as users gave excellent reviews about the Pixel phones of 2016. They were described as being the best Android smartphones available in the world. Google will in all likelihood aim at developing and offering more upgrades this year. The upgrades will probably replace the iPhone as being the first choice among premium phones.

More Focussed

Google is also continuing to remain focused on its high end or premium Pixel phones and is not considering dividing the focus by offering other mid range or budget smartphones. The expectations of the Google Pixel 2 are great and this will result in increased pressure on the company to make sure that the new device to be released this year will be a game changer and worthy of the name Pixel.

Google Pixel 2

Release Time

It is expected that the new Google Pixel 2 will be released some time in October of 2017. This is in keeping with the release of other Google smartphones over the years. There is not much news regarding the specifications or other design details of the 2nd gen Pixel phones. However, it is expected that Google will offer more details and information in the following months.

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