This Apple iPhone 8 Rumor Will Surprise You

Apple iPhone 8

You probably have just received your new Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, especially since some have not even received the phones as at the time of this writing.

With this in mind, you might also be wondering why we are even talking about the 2017 iPhone 8 or whatever Apple will decide to name it. Nonetheless, the fact that Apple likes to keep us guessing what next it has in store, it becomes hard to stay off the many rumors, leaks, and speculations about these devices.

One, in particular, that has caught our attention is the latest coming from Nikkei Asian Review. Of course, every iPhone 8 enthusiasts must have heard the rumor that Apple has plans to shake up the entire design of the phone as it celebrates its 10th anniversary in the smartphone business. In doing this, the 2017 iPhone is rumored to be an all-glass flagship, with this fragile material occupying both the back and front of the phone.

One major reason behind this move is, according to reports, so as to finally ship an iPhone 8 that supports wireless charging. This technology is growing to be a standard offering on major Android flagships, but Apple has failed to offer it on any of its flagships in the recent past.

Like it has bene happening from 2014, the iPhone 8 should come with a 4.7-inch model alongside a larger 5.5-inch variant. However, the most surprising rumor is that Cupertino could be lining up another 5-inch iPhone 8 as a third variant. If you have been unable to pick between the two iPhone models, well, there is probably a third coming your way. Good luck with that!

iPhone 8

Apple started selling two devices with the iPhone 6. This has been going on for the third year in a row, with the latest additions being iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. We can also say that the iPhone SE released earlier in the year is the third variant in 2016, but this won’t be the strategy come 2017. According to the rumor, the three phones will have the same designs and will also be unveiled at the same time.

Well, with the iPhone 8 still a year away, you probably should buckle up for there will be more of these rumors coming. Keep following us!

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