Google Project Fi Support Confirms Pixel, Pixel XL Shipping to Delay until Nov. 18

Google Pixel

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL started shipping towards the end of last week, with many of those who had pre-ordered the handsets from the official Google Store among the first to receive the devices.

However, this is only true for some, with a good number of others now facing delays that could take close to three weeks. Apparently, Google is warning that some of those who were set to receive their pre-ordered Google Pixel or Pixel XL beginning October 27 to October 31st may be forced to wait up until November 18. The main reason why this is happening, as it seems to be, is due to the excess demand that the company has received for the phone with respect to the initial releases.

A significant number of Google Pixel and Pixel XL customers who had submitted their pre-orders via the Google Store are now listed as Pending or simply Pre-ordered. Surprisingly, the store had previously estimated the delivery dates to be as from early this week, but those who are still at this stage have not been charged for their incoming devices yet. While assurances from Google reps can no longer be trusted, it remains to be seen when exactly Google Pixel and Pixel XL will be shipped.

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Just recently, we reported about a Google Store that is out of stock as far as the two Pixel phones are concerned. With this in mind, customers have been turning their attention to the Google Project Fi team, which also sells the Pixel and Pixel XL phones alongside its free Fi SIM card. Apparently, the Project Fi support team says that the two phones will ship beginning November 18 and not the initial October 27 date. This is due to the pre-order demand that has exceeded supply, but Google does not go into any other specifics regarding the shipping dates of the phones.

The only promise that the company has, according to 9to5 Google, is that it is working towards restocking the Pixel and Pixel XL phones as soon as possible. How soon this is cannot be told, but at least, the Google Project Fi support team gave out a clue of how long you may have to wait for the phones.

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